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Genuine PTC Sites

Genuine PTC sites-2013

Now first time in Asian nation currently, now you can start your good carrier with these genuine ptc sites  every person will keep cash from net at sit at your home. If you're looking on net some simplest way to create legit cash on-line, then you have come in right place. You will be able to earn extra cash with our right direction guide. We will guide you and we will tell you the important ways that to create legit cash on-line .

We are also making good money from these top genuine ptc sites. You can also make good  money if you will wok hard. So without wasting your precious time. We are going to tell you the real and legit ways to make money online. The best genuine ptc sites have a great track record of paying clients for several years. Here you will only find one thing – real genuine paying ptc site, that have a history of paying! join all these sites step by step which is given below .

1. Clixsense- Best Paid to Click Advertising  

2013 best ptc site

Just follow our instruction step by step

  1. First of first just open this joining invitation link sign up to clixsense here.   
  2. After open this link now complete your sign up registration . 
  3. The registering method is some what more advanced than in different sites.
  4. Click the Join now button subsequently add the contour for the up coming webpage. Your state or country detected, the particular field must be filled.There are four number of check boxes, the first is that which you recognize ClixSense TOS, that need to checked at (only if you recognize, of course). One other tree check box at are usually regarding to show or hide your real name, e-mail address. It’s your choice, look at what you need.
    Decide on your payment procedure, your log-in files, plus a secret question. Don’t be concerned, everything might be altered in the future. Any time everything is at spot, click the Create Bank account button. You obtain some sort of allowed e-mail now, you possibly can log-in back.
  5. It truly is obvious, at the first glance of which the web site involving ClixSense is usually a top-notch. It offers a superior precise info in each and every element of the internet site. You will observe your up-line plus your down-line. Virtually any part of info you’d at any time will need about ClixSense you’ll uncover exploring their web site
  6. Pressing the particular Ad for you to click the obtainable advertisements click on the particular Check out Advertising button. There are four types of adverts on ClixSense:
    • Micro – $0. 001 or 3sec 
    • Mini – $0. 003 or 10sec 
    • Standard $0. 01 or 30sec 
    • Extended – $0. 02 or sixty sec
Now what you will have to do next listen be carefully, do not do mistake because it will degrade your account value. You will have to simply view ads daily means regularly. I am showing you a screen shot photo of view ad here
clixsense view ad 2013

It is extremely recommended to see the sites many times each day, there may well be new ads to click.ClixSense features a tool-bar, that is extremely customizable according to your wants. Its main feature is that it shows your balance and also the obtainable ads in real time. You can’t miss any ad with this tool-bar.

After the ad link is clicked a Captcha tool seems.There are five photos, four dogs and one cat. notice the cat and click on it. ClixSense implemented this cheat-checker to filter the cheaters and auto-clickers to stop them to abuse the system. The cheat checker happens anytime once a poster link is clicked. There’s no image challenge for the ClixGrid. Another new feature implemented by ClixSense, that creates happy the advertisers is that the you have got to stay the ad page on focus. Minimizing the tab/window with this ad running makes the timer to prevent. therefore users should virtually watch the ads they're bought. This happens with each browser, except Google’s Chrome or Cr. for a few reason in those browsers the timer keeps running even the ad page is reduced.
ClixSense offers in a different way of earning: ClixGrid Going there you discover a grid wherever you'll be able to click within the hope of finding a prize. The prize will be $0.10 – $5.
There’s no any ClixGrid strategy or techniques to win extra money. The rule is simple: the a lot of you click the upper your chances to win cash.

Member earns Up to $0.02 per click Up to $0.008 per ref click.
Min.Payout of $6 Instant payment: PayPal ,Payza,Liberty.
  • Paying since 2007
  • Cash out minimum $6
  • 8 level referrals commission Online
  • Up to $0.01 per click
  • Up to $0.001 per referrals click
  • pay per official click – 20% first level down-line earnings (40% if you're an upgraded member)
  •  payment processor – Paypal, Payza. All countries accepted
  •  cash out wait time – payments are made weekly
  •  Page Rank 4
  •  Google Index 159,000
  •  Index Bing 13,700
  •  Index AOL 158,000 
you can receive your payments through  via PayPal / Payza.I will recommend you make Payza account because Paypal is now unavailable in pakistan country so if you didn't make yet your Payza account you can make it here 
payza signup

payza signup
My comments Clixsense is currently my favorite ptc web site. Since Clixsense has re designed their web site, mre ads have became  available daily to click. This web site has rock solid stability, dating back to February 2007! i like to recommend upgrading and taking part within the affiliate program to achieve most earnings. For my full Clixsense review  here .



Neuobux is another one of the most trusted and Geniune PTC site with over 3 million member registered. Neo Bux started the activity in March 2008 and paid each member since then.Now first time in Pakistan. You can make 200 dollar without any investment. How it is possible ? yes it is possible.You will have to only follow our few given instruction. NEUOBUX  is free sign up site. It is 100% free. After complete signup process you will have to View 4 Ad daily. It is very easy work and we will make this work more easily for you so step by step follow our all given instruction .
The permanent ad is to be 4 daily  which you will have to must click. Further more ad you can click at any time. One thing keep in your mind, that if you will miss one day view ad clicking, then you will lost your other ref-feral earnings. 

What is more special about this Genuine PTC site is that payments are processed instantly, which means that you just request your payment and in five seconds, it’s in your Alertpay or Paypal account.

Now step by step follow our instruction.
How to Join neuobux?
click here for neuobux sin up 

 Make your neuobux account

Click here and then click register.
Fill the required details.
In Alertpay / Paypal email, enter your same email ID once more and click on continue.
Now, check your email inbox for validation code and copy-paste it within the registration form.
(If you do not see the e-mail in your inbox, check your junk/spam folder.)Enter the verification code and click on end registration.

There are a lot of types of membership:

Standard Membership

Per click: $0.010 (30 sec. ads) · $0.015 (60 sec. ads)

Per referral click: $0.010 (30 sec. ads) · $0.015 (60 sec. ads)

Golden Membership

Per click: $0.010 (30 sec. ads) · $0.020 (60 sec. ads)

Per referral click: $0.010 (30 sec. ads) · $0.020 (60 sec. ads)

Minimum Payout:

The minimum payout quantity is ready at $2.00 for your 1st payout request, $3.00 for the second, $4.00 for the third then on till $10.00.

You need to click four ads on a daily basis everyday otherwise you won't earn from your referrals.

There is a forum on the market in multiple languages in order that most of the members will discuss in their own language with one another.

Here you've got four payment proofs:

payment proof 1

payment proof 2
payment proof 3
payment proof 4

How to Earn Money?

There are three ways in which to earn money from Neobux :

Click Ads and earn money for each ad you see.
Login to neobux.
Click "View Advertisements" like this i am giving you one screen shot below you can see below.

How to view neuobux adClick the orange box so click the red dot within it. A replacement tab can open. Wait until the bar at very cheap of the page hundreds.Then, close the tab and click on the remaining ads within the same approach.






Rent referrals from Neobux.

Use the money earned from ad clicks to rent referrals.
this is often the foremost common technique employed by members to increase their earnings.
To rent referrals, click your username so click referrals.
choose the quantity of referrals you wish to rent & click yes.
Now, you will get got each click your rented referrals build.
to see your rented referrals, click the person wearing a yellow hat at the top right corner.

IMPORTANT: You need to click the four orange ads everyday to receive
commissions from your direct and rented referrals.

How can I receive Payments?

Neobux is officially approved by Paypal, even given a “valuable customer” standing by Paypal.
After earning money on Neobux, you'll transfer it to your checking account using alertpay or Paypal. Neobux can send your earnings to your Alertpay/Paypal account 1st, from there you'll transfer the money to your bank. If you do not have Alertpay/Paypal account, you'll create it simply by getting to Payza (or) it's fully free. Alertpay/ Paypal is like an internet bank, that permits you to send and receive payments mistreatment the net.

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Article written by Syed Furqan ahmed

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